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What is TweakXit

TweakXit allows Windows XP users to adjust operating system values without having to resort to the Registry Editor (regedit.exe)

Enable NumLock @ Startup

Windows XP will override the BIOS setting for the Number Lock key on the keyboard.  Enabling the setting will cause Windows XP to set the Number Lock key on until the user logs on.  This can be helpful if the users password is alpha/numeric.

Add Encrypt on Context Menu

This option will place an option on the Context Menu for files residing on a Windows XP Encrypted File System.

Enable Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Enabling this feature will allow the Desktop Cleanup Wizard to run.  The Desktop Cleanup Wizard will run every sixty (60) days when enabled.

Enable Clear Page File @ Shutdown

Windows XP uses a large disk file to support virtual memory.  When Windows XP is running this file is opened exclusively and is well protected.  Setting this option will cause the normal Windows XP shutdown procedure to clear this file.  This setting is only useful on a clean shutdown.

Select All

Enables all settings on the Tweaks tab.

Select None

Disables all settings on the Tweaks tab.

Most Recently Used Run List

This is a list of the Most Recently Used entries on the Run Command.  To remove items from the list, uncheck each one and click Apply.  The changes will not take place until the system is restarted.

Select All

Selects all items on the Most Recently Used list.

Select None

Deselects all items on the Most Recently Used List.


Removes any unchecked items from the Most Recently Used List.  Requires system Restart to complete.

Display Administrator on Welcome Screen

As a default setting any account named Administrator is not displayed on the Windows XP Welcome Screen.  By enabling this setting the Administrator account will be displayed on the Welcome Screen with the other user accounts.

Keep Internet Connection Open While Switching Users

Windows XP will prompt you to shut down your internet connection when you use fast user switching to switch to another user.  Checking this setting will allow you keep the connection open so multiple user can use it.

Disable Low Space Warnings

Windows XP will warn you when free disk space falls below the 200mb, 80mb, and 50mb levels.  If you already know you have low disk space and want to disable the low space warnings check this setting.


When you disable low space warnings, you must keep track of the free space on the system, boot, and page file drives, typically the C: drive.  If adequate free space is not available on these drive(s) severe problems could arise.

Display Current Account on Welcome Screen

If you use the Windows XP Welcome Screen and share your computer with others you can use this setting to keep others from clicking on your ID and trying to guess your password.  This setting will remove the currently logged in user id from the Welcome Screen.  To login you will have to change the Windows Login mode to use the Windows Login Screen.

Changing From Windows Welcome Screen to Windows Classic Login Screen


To bypass the Windows Welcome Screen one time, press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice when the Classic Login appears.


  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Open the User Accounts applet.
  3. Click the Advanced tab, or click the Change the way users log on or off button.

Advanced tab.

  1. Under Secure logon, uncheck the box that says Require users to press CTRL+ ALT+Delete. 
  2. Click OK. 

Change the way user log on or off.

  1. Uncheck Use the Welcome Screen check box.
  2. Click Apply Options.

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