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Hafass Low grade, half-hearted, inferior


Joie de vivre (jhwa de veev) Joy of living


King Cake A ring shaped oval pastry, decorated with colored sugar in the traditional Mardi Gras colors (purple, green and gold) which represent justice, faith and power.  A small plastic baby is hidden inside the cake.  The person who gets the baby in their piece is traditionally supposed to provide the next King Cake.


Lache pas la patate (losh pa la pa tot) Don't let go of the potato or don't give up. (A testament to the enduring spirit of the Cajun people.)
Lagniappe Cajun word for "something extra."
Laissez les bon temps roulez Literally means to "let the good times roll."


Macquechoux (Mock Shoe) A delicious Cajun dish made with corn
Mais Well (begins many French and English sentences.)
Make Groceries To go grocery shopping
Mardi Gras Commonly called Fat Tuesday - the day before Ash Wednesday, the first
Me Same as in English, but frequently used with I as in "Me, I went to make groceries."
Merci (mare see) Thanks
Moodee Cursed, foul, no good.
Mudbug Term for crawfish

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