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Ca c'est bon (sa say bohn) That's good
Cafe Au Lait Coffee and Chichory blended with milk, usually a half and half mixture of hot coffee and hot milk.
Ca va (sa va) That's enough
C'est tout (say too) That's all
Cher (sha) Honey or dear when speaking to the opposite sex, buddy or pal when addressing the same sex.
Chicory An her, the roots of which are dried, ground and used to flavor coffee, chiefly in New Orleans
Chiren Infants or young ones, children
Cochon De Lait A Cajun tradition, in which a young pig is roasted over and open pit.  Today, this describes a method of preparing pork.
Courtboullion (coo be ahn) A thick rich fish stew made with tomatoes, onions and sometimes mixed vegetables. Gasper goo is an excellent fish for this dish.
Chu Chut A general substitute  for naming any small item or device.
Cooyon Stupid, dumb, also an educated fool.
Crawfish Resembling lobsters, but are much smaller and have sweeter meat, also called "mudbugs."
Crawfish Boil A party in a sack.  Crawfish in a large pot with corn on the cob, potatoes, and seasoning in boiling water.
Creole A person of European Spanish descent of mixed African

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