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Alligator A large reptile, Alligator mississipiensis of the southeast United States
  A good white meat with a pork like texture.
Alligator Pear Merliton
Allons (ah lahn) Let's go
Anyways "And then" or "And so"
Ax Ask (Let me ax you sometin.)


Bayou The outlet of a lake or one of the delta streams of a river.
Bahbin To pout
Beignets A square fried pastry, a cross between a cruller and a donut without the hole, served hot and sprinkled liberally with confectioners sugar.
Binhavin To have had something for a long time (been having)
Bobo A small wound or injury
Bon Appetite French phrase meaning literally "good appetite" or enjoy.
Boo A term of endearment
Boucherie (boo sher ee) A family or neighborhood gathering to help slaughter a hog.  All share in the process and share in the proceeds.
Boudin A Cajun sausage with cook rice mixed into the stuffing.

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